ESI Financials goal and those of our representatives, is to help you achieve financial freedom and to reach your goals and dreams for you and your family. Whether you hope to save for a child’s college education, buy a home or business, reduce taxes, or retire comfortably, we have the resources to help you attain them. We will assess your current financial situation and guide you to a plan that is unique to you and your goals. When we have developed a plan that meets your financial needs, we will follow through as it progresses and modify it to your specific needs.

Our Experienced registered representatives, advisors, insurance agents and Dave Ramsey ELPs have not only the Solutions, but have Integrity, and the “Heart of a Teacher”. 

We believe education is the best foundation for making sound decisions and invite you to explore the resources we offer on this site. Click on the Learning Center, and explore the world of information available to you.